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Biography of Pa Dzekedze

Written by Wife, Ma MaryBrenda NnamBah Dzekedze 


About 1938 in Naikom, Aghem – Wum


Papa Kedze Zuh & Mama Nchou Mbi Bong (both of blessed memory)


He had 4 siblings, he leaves behind 3 of them (2 younger brothers David & Thomas and an older sister, Susanna). He goes ahead to join his youngest sibling Adela who is also of late.



            He had 6 children and 11 grandchildren.


            He also leaves behind many cousins, nephews, nieces and in-laws.







  • Primary: St. Martins Catholic School, Wum
  • Government Technical College (GTC) Ombe
    • Fitter Machinist Certification
  • British Institute of Engineering Technology, London
    • Aeronautical Engineering Diploma 



 Christian Life:

  • Baptized on 25th December 1954 - St. Martin De Porres Parish, Wum by Rev. Fr. A Arkarmaas. Godson of Mr. Blasius Achuo (RIP)
  • Confirmation on 17th June 1955 by Bishop P. Rogan
  • Married on 25th May 1968 – Limbe to Mrs. Mary Brenda Nnambah Kedze (Dzekedze) – Princess.
  • He was a godfather to many baptized catholic Christians, a sponsor in Christian marriages to some couples, a mature practicing Christian at Holy Trinity Parish, Bota and a lover of Christian hymns and classical times with Holy Trinity Choir, Bota - Limbe.


Professional Life:

  • Cameroon Air Transport, C.A.T. – Senior Aircraft Fitter Machinist – 1st February 1964
  • Britain Industries, Moliwe – Early 1970s
  • Cameroon Airlines, Douala – April 1974 to August 2001
    • His services were rendered in and out of Cameroon e.g. Congo, France, Canada, Ireland, USA just to name a few.
    • He had his family in Limbe where he joined them in August 2001 after his anticipated retirement.

Traditional Life:

  • Auditor of the then Aghem Development Committee (ADC), Douala Branch.
  • Advisor of Aghem Cultural and Development Association (ACADA, Limbe until his illness.
  • Family head of the Wahtue clan of Wahnangwen – Wum
  • Councilor of the Pheambele Cite Sic neighborhood.




He spent his whole lifetime even during his poor health molding, sponsoring and marrying out his children and those from his aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews to whomever proved his/her worth of living a true marriage life.

He was a good dancer who loved cool traditional tunes and enjoyed singing them as well, especially – “meti, meti”.

Pa Dzekedze lived a healthy life until late last year when he was admitted at the Limbe Regional hospital, discharged and began following a series of tests in the Douala General hospital which was obstructed by a foot problem and pains.

On the 2nd of August 2018, he was admitted and hospitalized at Mount Mary Hospital Buea. A day before his passing to eternity, he told his doctor that the pains had gone and that he felt better but weak. During the early hours of dawn, he peacefully slept in the bosom of our God most high, pain-free.

May his peaceful loving soul rest in peace forever in heaven with the saints, angels etc.

His children, grandchildren, the rest of the family and myself loved him but God has just harvested were he sowed at the appropriate time.