Monday, December 11, 2023

Tributes to Pa Dzekedze Augustin Arthur

  • MaryBrenda N. Dzekedze

    MaryBrenda N. Dzekedze

    Wife, Limbe - Cameroon

    Tribute to my "D" My heart has been torn apart as my"D" boarded the special flight No.070818 of "no return.✈ My loving Husband.. ."Tseleh BahNnam NsiNjang, Tseleh BahDzekedze NchouMbi " Thank God for all you were to me. Praise God for your span of life on earth. I adore God for healing you of your pain and granting you a very peaceful sleep in my own open loving hands as I waited for you to call me. Please" D"always remind me of what you wanted me to do when God calls you. Our 50years + as a couple are like a 100:years. Our love will never die even as you sleep peacefully in Heaven and before me. Pray for me,our children, grand children, now fatherless.Be our Advocate . My love for you will never fade."Nduoo kejuuh/Go in peace,"D" 🕯🌹🙏🏻✝🛐🙏🏻💓💐 Your better half, Gen.2:21-23. One of your ribs, Bone taken from your bone. ....... Princess NnamBah Mary Brenda Kedze(Dzekedze) Widow.

  • Kenneth B. Dzekedze

    Kenneth B. Dzekedze

    1st Son, Douala - Cameroon

    My tribute. "When they go and leave you, do not make a saint out of memory. Rather remember them in honesty and let a smile play upon your lips, a tear moisten your eye." Alison Stormworth. My dad was and will remain the dearest dad I ever had. He made every one feel special and they always thought they were the best. He might have started from humble beginnings but through hard work, he reached the top. God knew that you did not deserve the pain that awaited you had you stayed on. The intellectual world would talk about your greatness but I will sing your love for family, friends and all God "s children. No one can ever imagine what it means losing you. There is darkness in our family now but God doesn't do things by mistake. To hear your voice, to see your smile, to sit and talk with you awhile, to be together in the same old way, would be our dearest wish today, but loving memories never die. In due course we will understand and so I will not cry because you are gone, I will smile because of the beautiful memories I have on you. Proverbs. 10.7 says " the memory of a good person is a blessing. " I will hold onto that forever. See you at the dawn of that day when........ Kenneth Bah Dzekedze.

  • Queentabeth N. Dzekedze

    Queentabeth N. Dzekedze

    Only Daughter, Limbe - Cameroon

    Tribute from Ze Dze, Sweet mother Queentabeth My father! my father! aka Mr POND (Pocket Never Dries) as I nicknamed you!! It's with the power of God Almighty that I write this out-of-sight message but I know that you'll never be out of my mind! I praise God Almighty for giving me a beloved Dad like you, you're a true father, of the father & fatherless! You told, taught & showed me several things; and I did cherish & will cherish them forever! You're greatly blest! I will never forget that night when you finally rested with the Lord God Almighty! Mom, many priests, your sons, your grandson & I were all praying for you; and praising God Almighty while you were passing on peacefully in your sleep but we didn't know! When your death was announced some minutes after I've completed my prayers, it was then I realised that I was doing Gethsemane night prayer for your peaceful rest to the land of no pains & worries!! I didn't know that God Almighty would answer me this way.....all I have to say is thank you Lord God Almighty for everything! Dad, I miss you very very much but I still feel your presence!!

  • Amadeus M. Dzekedze

    Amadeus M. Dzekedze

    2nd Son, Minnesota - USA

    Dear Daddy, I lack words to express how lonely I feel after I learned of your passing in your sleep at the hospital in Buea. I have always admired you and I tried to copy your foot steps from birth until I became a man. You are my best friend and HERO. I will miss you dearly. I am saddened to know that you and I wouldn't go places together or talk like father and son. You are the best dad I ever known. You sent me and my siblings to the best and most expensive schools with the help of our mother. You even sponsored your nieces and nephews with little help from others. You live a simple but healthy live to make sure everyone goes to school and become successful.  Even though sometimes you were tough on your words you were still flexible. Exactly 2 years ago my entire family including my spouse and children had a great 3 weeks on vacation with you and the entire family. We had no idea that was the last time we were spending together. Asumpta, Aryane, Aniela, and Anabelle miss you so much. Aryane wept as she remembers having breakfast with you on the table. She questions God why he took his grandpa. Aniela and Anabelle keep asking to talk to grandpa. They want to know when will you come back. I will do everything to keep your legacy alive and complete what you left behind. It will not be easy but I believe God will give me the strength. I miss you, love you and I pray you have eternal life and pain free. Your son Amadeus M. D.

  • Berenice W. Dzekedze

    Berenice W. Dzekedze

    3rd Son, Limbe - Cameroon


  • Vitus N. Dzekedze

    Vitus N. Dzekedze

    4th Son, Texas - USA

    Papa, Where do I start? How do I continue, when do I end? You are (not were) a symbol of simplicity, You are (not were) a luminary of few words. From childhood, you taught me how to stay simple and keep away from flamboyance and extravagance. This has always guided me and guarded me in my personal and professional life while your succinctness governed me spiritually. Very few people hear you talk, including your closest family, but when you utter a word it leaves a lasting impression. In the same way, you did not overload me and all your children (biological and otherwise) with countless lessons to learn, but you sorted and dished them out appropriately. Amongst these you always cautioned and advise me “If you cannot have what you LOVE, then, LIKE what you have”. I would LOVE to have you with me forever, but I LIKE that you are finally resting in a better place. Setting the pace as usual, leading the way as always because no one deserves this reward than you do, following all your accomplishments. Papa, I am terribly sorry for all the times I let you down, I will strive even harder now that you are not by my side. I can see you form that wry smile by the edge of your lips and utter the words I love to hear so much… “That’s it… That’s my son!”. I will miss so much the reaction I get when I make you proud, but I will continue making you proud anyway and LET YOUR LEGACY LIVE ON… in us and beyond! Your grandson Quentin (Queentabeth & Augustin) & granddaughter Ava-Marie (NchouMbi, your mother’s namesake) were lucky to meet you once, but unlucky to not meet you more often. They & all your other grandkids will experience your presence through us all forever! I love you Papa… You and I will keep talking as we always do, thinking as we always do and smiling as we always do! Your son, Vitus Numkemia Dzekedze.

  • Elgiva A. Dzekedze

    Elgiva A. Dzekedze

    5th son, Limbe - Cameroon